Adrii Constantin was born on July 8, 1994, in Habana, Cuba.  At the age of 10, she moved to her current residence in Miami, FL with her family.  Adrii has had a love for fashion ever since she can remember.  At the age of 5, she would steal her mother and grandmother's dresses, heels, make-up and accessories to strut down an imaginary runway.  By the time she turned 15 years old, she discovered her favorite fashion designer, Coco Chanel.   The creativity behind Chanel's brand inspired Adrii and helped her to realize her passion for styling.  Thus, beginning her career as a fashion stylist.  Upon her 18th birthday, Adrii already knew the fashion industry was where she had to be.
Today, at age 22, Adrii is a published wardrobe stylist represented by More Than A Mannequin, a creative firm geared toward exposing one-of-a-kind stylists.


Represented by More Than A Mannequin