A freelance stylist can receive client leads and bookings as a registered stylist of More Than A Mannequin.


  • Complete the Talent Registration Form.

  • Upload 3 photos of your best work.

  • List 3 or more industry references with whom you have worked.

*No contractual representation.  Strictly lead generation and bookings.










A registered stylist of More Than A Mannequin can submit an ensemble or garment to our Seek+Shop, called MUDE, to promote and sell.  If the garment is approved and sold, the stylist responsible for its recommendation will receive a finder’s fee for the resulting sales*.

Your recommendations will be featured on More Than A Mannequin’s social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and in our online shop, MUDE.


  • Must be a registered stylist. Complete Stylist Registration Form to begin the process.

  • Look out for an email with your assigned UNIQUE ID #.  NOTE: You will not receive commission payments without receiving a unique ID number and using it on every submission.

If you are already registered, request Ensemble Requirements & Submission.